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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

We have an excellent commercial locksmith team and promise exceptional and fast services

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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

We guarantee increased home security with immediate and efficient residential locksmith services

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Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

No need to worry about urgent door lock and key problems. Our emergency locksmith team is always ready to respond when you need immediate assistance.

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24-hour locksmith service with experienced providers

Tips about locksmith services and ways of repairing and replacing locks. Guide on successful lock repairs.Find out how to spot the weak parts of your house and how to keep it secure! Do you have issues with the lock or the transponder key? You'll find your answers here.

What do I do if the transponder key doesn't respond?

Each transponder key communicates with the car through electronic circuits. Experts at Locksmith Rowland Heights would suggest waiting for a few moments and try using the ignition car key again. It would be ideal if you had the extra car key with you but if not, you should try disconnecting the battery. Wait for a few minutes and then reconnect it. Otherwise, you need to get the other key from home.

What are the weakest entry points at home?

You will rarely hear about intruders picking on the front door locks unless the house is completely remote. Specialists at Locksmith Rowland Heights know that the weakest points are the secondary doors and damaged garage doors. Intruders would take advantage of an open window and loose locks. Hence, you must lock well at night but during the day as well and have all home door locks replaced often because it's vital for enhanced security.

How do I make the front door safe?

You need to install alarm systems and a camera, which will let you have supervision over your front yard. Of course, high tech systems are pointless if the door locks are weak and old. If you want a dynamic combination that will ensure great home security, you need to have these old locks replaced the soonest possible. Deadbolt installation in combination with other modern systems and extra lights will be perfect!

What makes lock opening difficult?

There are reasons why a key gets stuck. One of them is a poorly lubricated lock. It is suggested to keep it well-lubricated all the time to avoid having the keys stuck and malfunctioning again.

Why must I change keys if they're stolen?

Key replacement does not suffice. If someone knows where you live, they'll just enter your home using your own keys. In such cases, key change is needed. This means that the lock will be rekeyed and you'll be using an entirely new key.

My key broke off in the lock. Can you get it out and make me a new key?

If your key has broken off and part of it remains in the lock, it's best that you don't try to extract it. Leave everything alone and give us a call and we should be able to create a new key without a problem. We can usually save the lock if there is no major damage and often we may need to rekey the lock entirely.

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